Boston Art Commission

Wall drawing # 1128 (2004)
Sol LeWitt
Acrylic paint
100 Cambridge St.

Just as museums provide educational offerings for visitors, the Boston Art Commission hopes to enhance your experience of Boston’s public art through self-guided tours, discussions, and fun activities for kids and teens. Explore this section to find a wealth of new and different ways to appreciate public art in the city—no admission fees required!

Boston’s rich collection of sculpture, memorials, mosaics, and murals presents an ideal opportunity to treat the city as a sprawling art and history museum. Try out our Public Art Walk, download an activity guide for kids of all ages, or check out object interpretations for works of public art to learn more about the whimsical characters, historical figures, and moving examples of contemporary art with whom Bostonians share their city everyday.

Attend public art discussion series, or find out how youth can participate in the Mayor’s Mural Crew. The City of Boston is full of opportunities to engage with artworks that tell the story of its past and present—consider this website its information desk!

Public Art Walk

Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the Boston Art Commission welcome you to the City of Boston’s first edition of Public Art Walks, featuring both historic and contemporary art installations throughout the neighborhoods of Boston.

Mayor's Mural Crew

Every summer, young Boston artists work alongside professional mural painters to conceptualize, design, and paint murals throughout the city.  Over the years, the Mayor's Mural Crew (MMC) has given hundreds of Boston's youth the chance to be active participants in the creation of public art.