Boston Art Commission

Pulse of the City

Artist: George Zisiadis

Neighborhood: 5 Locations



United States


Time Frame: Friday, September 6, 2013 - Friday, September 5, 2014



Pulse of the City is an exciting new interactive work that made its debut in five locations throughout Boston in early Suptember, 2013. Citizens are encouraged to step up to the bright red, metallic hearts and grab onto the handles protruding from either side. The participant's heartbeat is then processed into music, resulting in a one-minute interactive concert that changes with each person who touches it. 

Locations around Boston include Christopher Columbus Park in the North End (down for the time being, but returning soon); East Boston Neighborhood Health Center in Maverick Square; Ashmont Station in Dorchester; along the circle at Avenue Louis Pasteur in Longwood; and in front of the Reggie Lewis Athletic Center in Roxbury.

George Zisiadis, a San Francisco based artist, is the creative force behind the solar-powered music boxes. These playful sculptures encourage us to break from the rush of urban life and take a moment to play, to marvel, and to appreciate the world around and inside of us.

Phtoto: “Pulse of the City.” (Courtesy of George Zisiadis)

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